Welcome to Super Radio

You may have heard the latest pop songs on the radio. From time to time, you may have heard the classics. Or perhaps you would rather bang your head to the rough beat of rock, punk, or heavy metal.

We all know that whatever your mood, there’s a radio station out there just for you. But few of them would ever play anything beyond the most in demand songs right now. Far fewer of them would think to play all songs, regardless of genre, region, or artist.

But you need not look further. For those of you searching for the ultimate radio station, the search is over (as Survivor would have put it). Super Radio is newest station to tune in to.

Unlike other radio stations, Super Radio does not subscribe to fads. We don’t just play junk food music. At Super Radio, we want to give you the best of the best. Timeless classics, hard rocking numbers, ambient, experimental. We play all kinds of music, whether it has a genre or not. Trust us, your ears deserve it.

The beginning

Super Radio began as a project between two college students. The first was Mark McCall, a music major. The second was Dana Donovan, who majored in art history. The two students met one fateful night at a cultural event on campus. They shared a love for all things audible—particularly, music and radio.
The two retired to an almost empty bar to talk. Their talk veered toward radio stations and the history of each. They lamented that the most versatile stations have vanished from the airwaves. That was when Dana suggested an idea to Mark. It was simple: copy the success, but avoid the pitfalls, of those old radio stations. Thus, the first incarnation of Super Radio was born.


The first Super Radio iteration proved to be a success at the local college. At first, all broadcasts were handled by both Mark and Dana. They served as DJs, sound engineers, and music historians. But as time went by, the two found other like-minded people to join the project. And so, they were joined by a sound engineer, a music historian, and a mass communications major.

But campus radio broadcasts had its limits. For one, their audience was limited to campus residents. For another, they received little to no funding. And funding the station out of their own pockets was beginning to be a challenge. Super Radio was in danger of closing.

It was at this point when Paul Pallance, a media magnate, approached the group. He had heard of Super Radio from a recording made by a friend, who was an alumni of the college. A fellow music enthusiast, Pallance saw the untapped potential of the station. He offered to expand Super Radio’s broadcasting to the rest of the country.

The expansion proved to be a success. The team not only found a kindred spirit in Pallance, but also an experienced mentor. Hundreds tuned in to the station in no time. Soon, it grew to a thousand listeners. Now, Super Radio counts its listeners in the millions. This made it attractive for companies like RoyalVegas casino to do an advertisement campaign with us.