Final words

You may just be a walking encyclopedia of music awesomeness. Or you might know next to nothing about music. Whether you’re the former or the latter, you’ll surely find something to enjoy here at Super Radio!

But what if you’re not that into music? For sure, you won’t have any idea what you’d like. Even so, don’t be afraid. Take a dive into the deep end. Uncover depths previously unheard of. Discover all the best music right here!

Extra: Mark and Dana book launch

We thought you’d like to know: Mark and Dana may be visiting your hometown someday very soon. Their new book, What’s So Super About Radio is coming to a bookstore near you! Fresh out of the press, it tells the history of Super Radio, including a short biography of the founding pair. At the launch, the two will be discussing the book. They’ll also talk about music, love, and everything in between. And yes, they’ll be signing copies of the book too!

The book has been a long time in the making. Super Radio’s history has been outlined in many different media. In fact, it’s a very viral topic in social, print, broadcast media, and elsewhere.

But loyal fans of Super Radio have begged Mark and Dana to give an official account of its founding. This got the two talking. After weeks of discussion, they agreed that there was more than enough material to write a book.

In partnership with PMG Publishing (part of the Pallance Media Group), What’s So Super About Radio will hit the shelves this coming March. Make sure to keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for the latest news.